Temporary Tattoos FAQ

Is it safe for my skin ?

Yes ! Our tattoos are perfectly safe. They have passed all the tests necessary to be sold in the EU. The ink does not contain any henna. You will find the exact “composition” of our tattoos by clicking the link at the bottom of every page.

As a reminder, here are few application rules:

> Keep away from small children and do not swallow

> Do not use on children less than 3 years old

> Avoid sensitive areas

> If you have any reaction to the tattoos, remove it immediately (olive oil works great)


How long does a temporary tattoo last ?


Between 2 to 5 days depending of where you put it.


How do I remove the tattoo ? 

The tattoo will go away on its own after a few days, but to remove it beforehand, you just need to soak your skin with olive oil or baby oil for 2 min, then gently scrub the tattoo.

Any other question ?

Drop us a line @ contact@thecooltattoo.com